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Log Home Owners: A Beautiful Community

Log Home Communities, Log Cabin Associations, Log Camp Groups, Timber Home Blogs, and More

Imagine immersing yourself in the dynamic world of log home enthusiasts, where every year brings exciting events and a host of benefits to enhance your log home journey. 

Joining log home communities and associations isn’t just about connecting; it’s an annual journey filled with events, benefits, and a chance to immerse yourself in the thrill of log home living. Dive in, share your passion, and let every year be a log home adventure.

Join one, join a few, join them all—do whatever feels right for you. Here are some log home communities and associations that may be worth looking into:

Log Homes Council (LHC):

Log Home Living:

  • Explore inspiring articles that fuel your imagination and join the excitement of annual log home showcases and events. Connect with like-minded log home lovers and get access to any exclusive benefits they offer.

The Log Home Neighborhood:

Log Home Enthusiasts Facebook Group(s):

  • Honestly, there are countless groups to choose from in this category. But there is no better way to experience the buzz of a Log Home community like a thriving Facebook Group. From new builds to historic updates, every day is an opportunity for connection.

Timber and Log Home Show:

  • Our personal favorite, the Timber and Log Home Show, has a variety of annual shows all around the US. You can attend enlightening seminars, connect with log home experts, and even stop by the CKLH booth to say hi!

Log Cabin Hub:

  • Another info-heavy hub, this one offers inspiring articles and lively discussions with its active online community. 

Log Home Forums:

That’s certainly not every option, but it’s a great place to start. The list is forever changing and growing. 

Start Building Your Network With The Experts At Cedar Knoll

Having been a part of this industry for over 45 years, we’re a great resource for log home communities. Just put some time on our calendars and we’ll be happy to get you started out.

Have feedback on any of the above? Or, know of any other groups, associations, communities, or get-togethers we missed? Send the info our way. 

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