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Manufacturer vs. Turnkey

Buying Straight From The Manufacturer Makes A Lot Of Cents

We get asked this question a lot: “Why do some people buy from a log home manufacturer, like Cedar Knoll Log Homes, and others from a turnkey log home company?” The answer is: different strokes for different folks. A home is one of the largest and most important financial investments a person can make, so it’s great that there are options that cater to many different preferences, circumstances, and priorities. Each option has its own advantages and considerations. Here’s ours. 

Why Cedar Knoll manufactured log homes over turnkeys?

Our customers say:

1. Customization and Personalization

  • Buying from us allows you to customize your log home according to your specific preferences. We work closely with you to design a home that suits your unique needs and style. 
  • Building a log home from scratch is a rewarding and educational experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about log home construction and gain valuable insights into the building process, which can be a fulfilling journey.

2. Cost Control

  • Building a log home with a CK is usually more cost-effective, as you have the flexibility to source and manage certain aspects of the project, potentially saving on labor and materials costs. Turnkey homes are built by contractors who handle all aspects of the project, which can come with additional costs; some you can see itemized out; some are packaged and potentially padded.
  • When you purchase a log home with us you get complete cost transparency. There are no padded costs for our labor line items. Plus, you get to choose the materials, finishes, and construction methods that align with your budget. With a turnkey log home, the cost may include factors you have limited control over, potentially leading to higher expenses.

3. Flexibility in Phases

  • If you’re working with a budget or timeline constraint, purchasing a log home from us allows you to phase the construction. This give you freedom and flexibility, so you can build the shell of the log home first and then finish the interior and additional features later (when finances or time permits). Turnkey homes are typically “delivered” in their completed state—meaning customers are pretty hands-off with the real-time build decisions.

4. Control Over Materials and Quality:

  • When you purchase logs and materials from Cedar Knoll, you have more control over the selection and quality standards of these components. 
  • With a manufacturer, you have the opportunity to be actively involved in or oversee the construction process. This hands-on approach allows you to ensure that the home is built to your standards and quality expectations. In contrast, with a turnkey log home, you may have less control over the construction process.

Ultimately, buying from Cedar Knoll Log Homes or opting for a turnkey log home depends on your level of involvement, budget, desire for customization, and overall preferences. Carefully consider your priorities and objectives to determine which option aligns best with your log home dream. If you decide we’re the way to go, reach out any time.

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