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Investing in Log Homes: CKLH Client Feature

27+ Years of Great Business: The Lucrative Legacy of the Point Au Roche Lodge

Designed and manufactured by Cedar Knoll in the early ’90s, the Point Au Roche Lodge remains nestled amidst the untouched beauty of nature in Point Au Roche, New York. For over 27 years this restful retreat has proven itself a testament to the enduring investment of log homes in commercial construction—having withstood harsh winters, ice storms, countless guests and their pets, special events, and more.

In this exclusive interview with General Manager Pete Fazio, we reflect on the exceptional appeal of this iconic commercial development.

Located in near the Canadian border, the Point Au Roche Lodge is an international vacation location, event venue, and wellness retreat destination for three decades and counting.

Preserving History and Hospitality: Insights from General Manager Pete Fazio

CKLH: So, Pete, how long have you been working at the Point Au Roche Lodge?

Pete: I have been the general manager since October 2023, although it was run as a bed and breakfast far before it was purchased by our current owners about a year and a half ago. 

Lush aerial view of the forest-surrounded Point Au Roche Lodge near Lake Champlain.
Escape to Tranquility: If the Lodge tell us one thing it’s that commercial log homes offer a lucrative business opportunity with a high margin of return.

CKLH: What would you say makes the Lodge stand apart from other vacation destinations?

Pete: We’re providing people with what they want: peace and quiet in nature. It’s rejuvenating just to live in logs for a while. Guests really gravitate towards this space, and many return again and again. 

Indeed, the Point Au Roche Lodge offers more than just accommodation; it offers an immersive escape into nature’s embrace that is aging like fine wine.

CKLH: The lodge was one of those projects that stays with you as a business. It’s such a beautiful structure with timeless appeal. How has the place held up over the last 27+ years?

Pete: Well, it’s actually held up really well. It’s really popular for a lot of folks who are traveling down from Montreal and Quebec, and a lot of people are utilizing it as an event or party spot, because it does have that allure—kind of like it’s your own yard. It’s just a gorgeous venue that has definitely got its own personality and an at-home farmhouse feel. Guests just gravitate towards the space. We hear all the time that the lodge is much more peaceful than a normal hotel stay.

One of the gorgeous available rooms, showcasing the unmatched quality of Cedar Knoll-supplied products: hardwood floors, exterior walls, covered porch, railings, windows, and exterior doors.

CKLH: Have not yet been any remodeling or additions to date?

Pete: No, to my knowledge it’s all original. All 3,500 square feet: nine bedrooms, lofted catwalk, enclosed gazebo, private covered porches, railings. It’s vintage 90s. It was done exceptionally, and architecturally there are some unique features that you don’t typically see these days.

CKLH: So what have you learned about maintaining this kind of log home since you’ve been on?

Pete: Consistent maintenance is key to keeping a high-use log home in great shape. Carefully inspecting your water systems and your electrical systems, since they age faster than the rest of the building. I know some people say log homes have pests, but we’ve never have any issues.

Pete’s insights into guest interactions underscored the lodge’s unique ability to foster camaraderie and relaxation, elevating the guest experience to unparalleled heights.

CKLH: What else make the Lodge stand out?

Pete: It’s rejuvenating just to live in logs for a while. It’s something you need to experience to understand. You feel it as soon as you go into the parking lot. You just breathe deeper, relax, have fun, unwind. We’re able to provide people with something commercialized hotels just can’t: peace in nature. And we don’t need to charge an outrageous price to provide a truly exceptional experience. It’s simply an exceptional place.

Pete’s observations underscored the profound connection guests experience with the environment, transcending the boundaries of traditional hospitality.

CKLH: So would you say that there’s a difference between the way the customers even approach the staff?

Pete: Oh, definitely. It is. It’s so interesting, because it’s almost like you’re hanging out in someone’s home, not a typical hotel setting. People are more friendly and communicative and relaxed. I find when I go over to do property inspections or we have a repair to make, it’s very easy to speak to people. It’s like they just completely let their guard down and are enjoying their surroundings, which is nature. It’s wonderful. There’s more of the connectivity between the group and the place.

CKLH: It’s great to know that all these decades later our products are continuing to provide visitors with the experience of a lifetime.

In an era dominated by commercialized hospitality, Point Au Roche Lodge stands as a beacon of authenticity, fostering genuine connections between guests and staff.

Unlocking the Profit Potential

Through the lens of General Manager Pete Fazio’s expertise, we’ve gained invaluable insights into the lodge’s continued ability to captivate visitors; offering a sanctuary where nature, history, and profitability converge in perfect harmony.

The Point Au Roche Lodge not only serves as a testament to the enduring allure of log home construction but also as a prime example of the profit potential inherent in such investments. With statistics indicating a steady rise in business rates of return in the hospitality and rental property industry, log home investments offer a stable and lucrative avenue for long-term growth.

Untouched perfection: original Cedar Knoll-supplied doors, decking, railings, wall logs, and flooring from 1994.
Visit The Point Au Roche Lodge!

There’s nothing else quite like it. To learn more, see additional photos, or schedule your serene forest vacation, visit The Point Au Roche website.

To discuss your custom commercial log home project, reach out to our expert designers today. We look forward to creating a feature on your project right here in a few years!

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