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Selecting Your Stain: The Power of Color

Choosing The Right Stain For A Strong Impression

Is choosing the right log home stain color a significant decision? We think so. Stain affects the appearance of your home and influences the emotional impression it conveys to guests. Thankfully, our preferred partner, Perma-Chink®, offers 50+ stains in hues that match your intention and aesthetic. Take a look at their catalog and get a glimpse of your options. 

Stain that matches your log cabin’s unique personality.

Tap the name of a hue below to expand upon its potential impact:

1. Warm Golden Hues
  • Impression: Warm golden stains, like honey or amber tones, create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. They convey a sense of comfort and relaxation, making guests feel welcome and at ease.
  • Emotion: Warm colors are associated with warmth, happiness, and friendliness. They can evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort.
2. Earthy Browns
  • Impression: Earthy brown stains give a log home a natural and rustic look. They connect your home to its surroundings and convey a harmonious blend with nature.
  • Emotion: Brown is grounding and represents stability and security. It can create a sense of reliability and durability.
3. Cool Grays
  • Impression: Cool gray stains offer a modern and sophisticated appearance. They can make a log home look sleek and contemporary.
  • Emotion: Gray is often associated with neutrality, balance, and calmness. It can create a tranquil and balanced atmosphere.
4. Rich Reds
  • Impression: Deep red stains add vibrancy and energy to a log home. They create a bold and passionate look, making a strong impression.
  • Emotion: Red is a powerful color associated with passion, love, and excitement. It can stimulate energy and enthusiasm.
5. Natural Cedar Tones:
  • Impression: Stains that mimic the natural color of cedar wood give your home a timeless and classic appearance. They showcase the beauty of the wood itself.
  • Emotion: Natural wood colors evoke authenticity, tradition, and a connection to the outdoors.
6. Soft Blues and Greens:
  • Impression: Soft blue and green stains provide a calming and serene ambiance. They can create a tranquil retreat in your log home.
  • Emotion: Blue and green are associated with nature, tranquility, and relaxation. They can promote a sense of peace and harmony.
7. Dark Espresso Tones:
  • Impression: Dark espresso stains offer a rich and elegant look. They can add a touch of sophistication and formality to your log home.
  • Emotion: Dark colors convey strength, opulence, and a sense of luxury. They can create a dramatic and impressive appearance.
8. Weathered Gray
  • Impression: Weathered gray stains give your log home a vintage and rustic appearance as if it has withstood the test of time.
  • Emotion: Aged or weathered appearances can evoke feelings of nostalgia, history, and character.
9. Charcoal Black
  • Impression: Charcoal black stains create a bold and striking contrast, making architectural details stand out. They add a touch of modern drama.
  • Emotion: Black is associated with strength, sophistication, and formality. It can create a sense of elegance and power.

When choosing a log home stain color to match the emotional impression you want to make on your guests, consider the overall style of your home, the natural surroundings, and your personal preferences. Ultimately, the right stain color can enhance your log home’s overall atmosphere and personality, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Test Before You Do The Rest

Want to try a few samples to see how they look in different lighting conditions? Contact us, and we’ll get you sorted out.

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