The Buying Process

Our straightforward process makes buying a home seem effortless.


There is a lot that goes into building a new home. While we can’t promise that every aspect will go smoothly, we can promise that we’ll do our part to keep your build on your schedule. To see everything we do in-house, view our FAQs.

Buying Process

For someone who has been making model structures for 45 years, we’ve yet to make the same structure twice. Whether you start with a model, have a custom design in mind, or walk in with finished floor plans, this step is essential to providing the attention to detail your project deserves.

See the kinds of questions we ask and the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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We’ll provide an estimate for your consideration after we get the project’s specifics scoped out. When you compare apples to apples, we believe our prices and services remain the finest in the nation.

Preliminary Designs

We offer one completely complementary CAD drawing for unique or customized model projects. No money down, no commitment from you. We offer potential clients a complimentary prelim drawing with up to three rounds of revisions at no cost. These will be used to create your engineer-approved blueprints.


A one-time, non-refundable charge of $2,500 pays for blueprint creation, one round of internal revisions, and the cost for engineer approval. If you decide to purchase a kit with us, this “fee” acts as an intent-to-proceed deposit that goes towards the total purchase price for the project.

Just looking for blueprints? That’s fine, too. The $2,500 gets you engineer-stamped prints, and all work is proprietary to you.

By the time we’ve finished blueprints and discussed any cost adjustments that may occur in the design alteration process, this formal number shouldn’t be a shock. We will send this your way to cross all the Ts and dot the Is.

Purchase Agreement & Deposit
There are countless reasons someone may want to place a price hold deposit: loan delays, building approval delays, general contractor delays, etc. That’s why we offer two deposit options:

Price Hold: By placing 10% down, we guarantee to hold your price for one year. This deposit is refundable within that time for any reason. Price hold only guarantees a production window once the remaining 15% (totaling 25%) is paid.

Production Deposit: By placing 25% down, we guarantee to hold your place in our annual production. We use this non-refundable deposit to purchase your custom windows and doors.

From the structural necessities to the aesthetic finishes, we cut, plane, mill, hew, and protect every detail of your custom project to perfection. All parts are wrapped and labeled for ease of construction.

We waste no time getting your materials to you. We guarantee shipping within 4-8 weeks from receipt of the 25% deposit. We can store materials on-site for up to three months upon request. The shipping price will be included in your home quote.

We can deliver to your job site or at an agreed-upon nearby location. Balance is due at least 72 hours prior to delivery unless other arrangements have been made. In the instance of Bank Inspection, we will accept a physical check upon delivery prior to unloading.

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Cedar Knoll Log Homes, CKLH, CK… we answer to all of the above, but we are so much more. Our established company has thrived through pandemics, market crashes, natural disasters, and more.

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