FAQs: Cedar Knoll Log Home & Cabin Kits

Good clients ask questions.

We’re confident that, when you compare apples to apples, Cedar Knoll will continue to be a top choice.

Here are some robust answers to our most commonly asked questions:


While we provide model estimates, the fact is that there are many factors that can affect the final quote price. To name a few of the big ones: customizations for terrain, native weather conditions, and state and city building regulations. Many of our customers enjoy our long list of straight-from-the-manufacturer-priced add-ons as well.

While our team is trained in building, we do not have an in-house building team. We can often help our customers find a quality builder through our national network. We provide builders with a detailed building manual, 24/7 access to our personal cell phones, and we send a Cedar Knoll representative to every job site, at our own expense, to oversee the first build day and set the project up for success.

We do not offer financing. Often we can help locate a log home loan specialist in the state you plan to build in.

$1 delivery in the Eastern time zone. West Coast, Mountain, and Central will have shipping costs included in your house quote. When shipping out of state, our customers are not required to pay state sales tax as well—a tremendous savings that more than covers shipping costs.

We’re happy to offer options from our national network of Partners. If we don’t have a contact in your area, we can often help find a local General Contractor. The rest is too variable for anyone other than the client (subjective tastes in interior design, availability, price range, etc.). We recommend getting at least 2-3 bids for any job you require.

We ship nationwide from Plattsburgh, NY—located at the heart of the Adirondacks. Tap here to schedule a visit and tour our model homes.

We’re proud to offer one of the most complete kits on the market. Bird’s eye view of the package contains: logs, matching siding, railing, porches, decks, windows, doors, exterior window and door trim, soffit, fascia, shingles or tin roofing, rafters, trusses, interior wall framing, and more. Tap here to see the detailed material list.

We guarantee shipping within 8 weeks of a signed contract and cleared deposit. If you’re not ready in any way (builder delays, natural disasters, etc.), we offer delayed production and, space permitting, temporary on-site storage of already milled orders.

Yes, swing by to see the Hideaway, Raquette, and a move-in-ready Windham. Tap here to schedule a visit and tour our model homes.

No need. Our weather-tight kits come with the highest-quality gussets on the market. A well-sealed log home has a superior R-value and saves our customers the additional money and building time associated with envelopes.

No, we do not tangle ourselves in the real estate world. We’re disciplined milliners, dream engineers, log artisans, creative hard-hats, and dang good grunts—and that’s proven to be more than enough for our clients.

Yes. Any home model can be paired with any garage model as an attached or detached addition. Both remain completely modifiable. Tap here to see our garage options.

Yes. Our homes can be soundly built on any of the listed foundations. We recommend determining this early in our conversations so we can create the best design for optimizing all usable space.

We like to say, “If you know your alphabet, you can put together our kits.” For customers that enjoy a DIY project, we offer a range of relatively easy-to-assemble, logically labeled kit options. 

Tap here to see our self-build selections.

  • Do you own land? Is it cleared? Is it buildable land?
  • Do you have a building permit? Do you have a set foundation?
  • Do you have access to electricity? Running water? Septic?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Are you adding a road? Have you already completed this?
  • Are you planning to build on a slab, basement, or crawlspace?
  • Do you have access to electricity? Running water? Septic?
  • If it is on a basement, are you using it as part of your space (ie. a walk-out basement)?
  • Do you have any special building parameters (HOA, wildlife refuge, etc.)
  • Do you need specialty dimensions or ramps for accessibility?

Have a question not listed here? Reach out for a prompt response.

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