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Ultimate ADK Authenticity

The Best Place to Get an Adirondack-Style Log Home? The Place They Were Born.


Adirondack Through & Through

Some people throw around terms like “Craftsman” and “Mountain Style” and “Hygge,” but we know our expertise by its native name: Adirondack. This style blends the best of rustic aesthetics, like exposed beams and trusses, with luxurious design to create spacious, gorgeous, and comfortable homes that last many lifetimes.

Straight From the Source

Purchasing from CK gives you exclusive product benefits:

  • Lowest available pricing on products and services
  • More sustainable material than a big box store
  • Widest range of design customizability. No one knows our product’s capabilities better than us.
  • Transparent planning and timeframes. We control all of our in-house scheduling, inventory allocating, quality-control, and manufacturing.
  • Getting a log home expert to oversee the first build day to make sure each and every project starts out strong. This exclusive service has been invaluable for our customers, and we have yet to see another milling company do this invariably.

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