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Our log structures offer a tranquil retreat from the chaos of modern life.


Own Luxuriously, Rent Effortlessly

At Cedar Knoll, we specialize in crafting single and multi-property rentals tailored to a diverse range of businesses catering to the growing demand for natural healing and rejuvenation. In addition to being the ultimate escapist fantasy, log buildings surround you in nature—a well-known mental wellness-building tactic.

Building a cabin or log home provides something that traditional condos or houses don’t: a relaxing, rustic feel that renters seek.

The Business of Relaxation

It’s an undeniable fact that investing in real estate is part of a healthy, diverse portfolio. With 40 years of shared professional and personal experience, we offer a level of support to entrepreneurial clients that most companies cannot.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Concept Partnership. Our staff has intimate connections and experiences with traditional and digital rental communities. Creating a holistic and restful space takes forethought, vision, and an innate understanding of your consumer’s mental, physical, and emotional wellness. We’re here to build that vision with you, piece by piece.
  • Engineered Precision. CAD-lead plans ensure every aspect of your dream becomes a reality before building even begins.
  • Efficiency. We offer up our network of tried-and-true partners with a proven track record of seamless collaboration and trustworthiness whenever possible.
  • Economic Assistance. When you don’t know the business, it’s easy for cost creep to occur. We offer consistent cost-saving solutions that will help you reduce your upfront investment without hindering long-term gains.
  • Repeat Customer Perks Program. Adding to your investment? Taking on new build opportunities? We offer repeat customers unmatched benefits for return service. Perks may include total project discounts, complimentary services, reduced-cost add-ons, and more.*

*We offer the best deals to returning customers in as many ways as possible. Perks are provided on a rotating basis and are subject to change without warning. No sales associate is obligated to offer the same perks from project to project, and Cedar Knoll Log Homes holds the right to discontinue the perks program at any time.

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