Kit Materials

The Quintessential Components that Make Up Your Home in One Convenient Package

Comprehensive & Conscionable

At Cedar Knoll, we have a theory: If you don’t want it, we won’t charge you for it. Unlike companies that jam everything into their packages to justify inflated prices, our kits are intentionally scalable to remain transparently economical. See the list below for our complete list of weather-tight kit materials.

Package Expansions

We often create or supply additional elements for our customers at their request. CK offers a nearly limitless list of possible in-house customizations that fit a broad range of aesthetics, needs, and budgets. View our ever-expanding list of log kit package expansions.

Weather-Tight Kit Materials

See what our premium weather-tight kits are made of. For log-only or other packaging options, click here.

Customers seeking design services get three free preliminary drawing and one blueprint revisions at no additional cost. Plus, the blueprint “fee” works like a deposit. The price comes off the final purchase price.

  • Machined, Pre-cut, and Labeled Wall Logs
  • Top Plates
  • Foam Gaskets Air Infiltration Barriers
  • Energy Seal® Log Caulking
  • 5/16” Log Boss® friction-reducing timber screws
  • Cedar Splines and/or Dowels
  • Window and Door Exterior Trim
  • Window and Door Jamb Material
  • Gable and Dormer Framing & Sheathing
  • Log Siding for Gables, Dormers, and Skirting
  • Choice Of Exterior Styles: D-Style, Clapboard, Flat, Or V-Faced Skirting
  • Sizing Variations (4×6 to 10×12)
  • Swedish cope or double-round log styles
  • Dovetail corners
  • Vertical corners (square or live rounds)
  • Pre-staining
  • Custom-styled logs to match existing

  • Log Siding with Corner Extension Option
  • Framing
  • Sheathing
  • Interior lining
  • Interior v-joint
  • False button-pass corners
  • Beam truss accents

  • WeatherShield® Premium Series Aluminum Clad Wood Windows with Screen
    • High-performance, low-e, tilt takeout insulated windows
    • 12 different colors
  • Custom Gable Glass per plan
  • Fiberglass Exterior Doors with custom Schlage® heavy duty locksets
    • Patio door and/or glider, screens and hardware
  • Window & Door Jambs
  • Window & Door Headers
  • Exterior Trim Boards
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranties
  • Custom window shapes and sizes
  • Grills between glass
  • Simulated divided lights
  • Staining in a variety of colors
  • Variety of interior wood
  • Prefinished interior

  • 6×8 Pine Joists
  • Beam Girder
  • 2×6 Tongue and Groove Roof Flooring
  • Railings Choices
  • Timber Stair System
  • Stair Treads
  • Tie Beams
  • Stair Landing
  • Supports
  • Blocking
  • Half-log joists
  • Stair Kits (Treads and/or Stringers)

  • Architectural Shingles or Metal Roof
  • Starter & Cap
  • ⅝ T&G Sheeting
  • 2×12” Rafters, 16 on center
  • 1×6’ Tongue and groove for soffits
  • Full Coverage Ice & Water Barrier coating
  • Fascia
  • LVL Ridge Beam
  • Rafter Nailer
  • Exposed Tie Beams
  • Roof Supports
  • Engineered Roof Trusses
  • Hurricane Straps
  • Standing seam roof
  • Interior tongue and groove v-joint
  • Beamed trusses

  • Blocking
  • Plates
  • Pilaster Studs
  • Support Posts
  • Wall Stiffeners
  • T&G Pine Walls and Ceiling
  • Interior trims
  • Window and door interior trim in a variety of styles
  • Mantles
  • Flairs
  • Wood slab countertops
  • Tongue & groove v-joints
  • Vertical & horizontal paneling
  • ADK cedar bricks
  • Edge & center bead
  • Wainscotting
  • Barn, antique, or restored wood finishes
  • Barn doors in custom-sizing
  • Basically anything else

  • PT Ledger
  • PT Double Box
  • Cedar Decking
  • Cedar Railing System Options
  • Porch Newell Post Options (Square or Round)
  • T&G Ceiling
  • Roof Sheathing Options
  • Fascia
  • Full Ice & Water Shield
  • Model-specific deck or porch wood materials
  • Exposed Beam Rafters
  • Oversized engineered beams
  • Custom porch headers
  • Composite decking
  • Choice of 30+ unique railing configurations
  • Screened porch

Model-Specific Materials

Some kits may include even more materials than shown here. View the product description details on our floor plan pages for details.

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