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We’ve worked hand-in-hand with many companies and learned many lessons. The first is to only partner with people who treat your clients as well as you. So, that is what we do. Our two preferred partners:

  • Sell long-lasting products with outstanding environmental protection and structural support
  • Allow our customers many cost-saving opportunities
  • Offer incredible benefits and honorable warranties

Pre-stain, Stain, Sealant, And More

Our Perma-Chink® catalog of trusted products provides impeccable finishes with superior protection. Their green promise is to “not damage our environment and have no adverse health effects on either the people applying our products or individuals who live in log homes stained and sealed with their materials.” They back their products with substantial Limited Warranties and offer a dedicated staff of Wood Care Experts to offer complementary web training to help you preserve and protect your log home for generations.

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Fun Fact

Perma-Chink® Log Home Sealant has an unprecedented stretch for natural log movement. According to their site, their 5-gallon product provides nearly double the coverage of the closest competitor. According to them, brands that claimed to have comparable coverage reported a substantial difference in applied thickness, proving Perma-Chink® Sealant as a stand-alone product against the slumping or blistering that could expose a log home to the elements.




Windows, Screens, And Doors

Weather Shield® is an eco-award-winning company that offers customization abilities that match our own. They run one of the largest onsite test labs in the industry, leading the way in year-over-year product innovations that ensure the best quality for our customers: industrial strength glass, top-of-the-line energy efficiency, a commitment to green business, low-emitting VOC and HAP materials, and a best-in-class warranty that we’ve seen them make good on.

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Fun Fact

For a company that offers over 6,000,000 options in casement windows alone, Weather Shield® is anything but wasteful. They’ve created an award-winning pollution prevention program that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and safely recycles 500-600 tons of hazardous products yearly.




At Cedar Knoll, we partner with people who believe as we do: When you sell exceptional products, you’re happy to provide exceptional warranties. Learn about the Cedar Knoll Warranty and see how we back our products and how our partners back theirs.

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